Tube Curator

Tube curator has a knack for finding the gems in mountains of online videos. Tube curators watch hundreds of videos, gather the best videos in playlists on YouTube or another website, and distribute the channel to a network of fans.​
The best tube curators have a keen interest in the subjects that their video channels cover. You’ll find curated video channels focused on everything from skateboarding to kittens, fast cars to knitting.

If you want more control over your curated video channel, create a video blog, which is a separate website that you use to display your curated videos, under your own design and branding. Use video SEO to build a fan base for your curated videos, and you could become the next tastemaker for your video subject.

Either way, choose a topic or topics that interest you and focus your curated videos on your chosen topic. You’ll be more likely to attract viewers when your video site has a clearly defined personality.

A new YouTube star is born every day. You, too, can become a YouTube star with these tips for increasing your video network and video views.

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