Trust Platform Module

Trusted Platform Module (TPM, also known as ISO/IEC 11889) is an international standard for a secure cryptoprocessor, a dedicated microcontroller designed to secure hardware through integrated cryptographic keys.

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology is designed to provide hardware-based, security-related functions. A TPM chip is a secure crypto-processor that is designed to carry out cryptographic operations. ... Generate, store, and limit the use of cryptographic keys.

If you want to use the Windows BitLocker full disk encryption feature then your PC needs to have a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) fitted. While many PCs aimed at the enterprise market have this fitted already, makers skimp on it in consumer PCs. But fear not! Chances are that you can fit one for only $10 to $20.

Microsoft says its upcoming Windows 11 operating system will require the presence of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which has raised a storm of doubt and uncertainty. What exactly is TPM, and does your PC already have it? Here's what you need to know.

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 11 operating system will require a heretofore little-known PC security feature, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which is cause for concern among early adopters who can’t wait to get their hands on the new OS.

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