Surreal Strategy

Social Media Is the Surreal Strategy!
Social media has become the headline of the benchmarked digital periphery! Everywhere you would find young and old heads sticking to their phones or granting their attention over the internet connectivity popping up feeds every now and then. Like everything is dynamic, so is social media which changes vehemently with the upcoming tech thrills highlighting the demands of the masses. The social media latest trends show that social media trends for business would surpass all other mottoes of conversions and revenue gathering!

The Social Trend Fascism

With the upcoming fascism of social media, digital marketing trends have reached sky high with the upcoming generation spending maximum time over the same. It has become the most comprehensive and accessible way of reaching out to the most in limited time frame yet in an appealing way. From brand awareness to running the business to the collecting of the maximum profits through engagements makes you deal!

The announcement of Italian fashion house Gucci’s imaginative installation in the brand’s Florence palazzo celebrating their 100th year arrives as no surprise. The kaleidoscopic Gucci Garden Archetypes’ network of themed rooms and corridors sparkles and glows at every corner as one might expect of the luxury goods and fashion house commemorating a centennial. But alongside this ephemeral real world manifestation, an eyebrow raising venture was announced: a partnership with online game world building platform and game creation system, Roblox, and a virtual metaverse experience mirroring the real world counterpart known as Gucci Garden.

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