Sport Aggregator

In computing, a aggregator, also termed a feed aggregator, feed reader, news reader, RSS reader or simply an aggregator, is client software or a web application that aggregates syndicated web content such as online newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and video blogs in one location for easy viewing.

The value it provides lies in harnessing the passion and insight of fans in a community where the best posts will make it onto team feeds and into mainstream broadcasts, in turn linking back through social media into areas where teams and media have control.

When I’m not hitting the pavement or trails I’m often thinking about running and I love to read and soak up as much running news as possible. There are so many different websites, blogs and social media accounts dedicated to different aspects of running that it’s hard to keep track of or to know when something new or interesting comes out.

Sport Aggregator is a one-stop shop for everything sports news so I hope that you’ll consider it as your go-to source for all things running and provide valuable feedback about your experience. is for sale!

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