Special Effect

Visual effects (or VFX), on the other hand, are added at a later time, thanks to the power of a computer. … In other words, the special effects are applied on the set during production, while the visual effects take place in post-production.

Visual Effects & Special Effects for videos help us tell a better and more engaging story. Special effects (SFX) are illusions or tricks of the eye created to simulate the imagined events in a story or imagined world. … Well-executed VFX can be on brand, on message, and really elevate your content.

This includes the use of mechanized props, scenery, scale models, animatronics, pyrotechnics and atmospheric effects: creating physical wind, rain, fog, snow, clouds, making a car appear to drive by itself and blowing up a building, etc. Mechanical effects are also often incorporated into set design and makeup.

Effective for Global Trends

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