Smarter Perfume

As both a lover of personal care and a lover of tech, I’m always excited when the two worlds collide. While there’s a long-standing gender gap in mainstream tech products, CES consistently reminds me that there are others out in the world who feel the same way I do. This year, I stumbled on Ninu, a perfume startup focused on making fragrance smarter. Named after Tapputi and Ninu (the first recorded chemist and her researcher), Ninu is a purse-sized device paired with an AI-guided app.

The cylindrical gadget holds three vegan scents housed in recycled glass vials. Users will be able to tweak the scents based on their mood. Perhaps it’ll be spicier for a date night or sweeter in the summer. Scents are manipulated via the app, which features an AI-powered assistant that makes intelligent suggestions and learns your preferences over time. While the specific notes and blends are still in development, CEO and founder Marko Matijević says the company is working hard with perfumers based in Grasse to finalize the first two scent families that will be available: one for women, one for men. When we spoke, he also emphasized Ninu’s sustainability initiatives; by using things like recycled glass and less packaging, the hope is to make the perfume industry greener.

Ninu is not yet available for preorder. The price, scents, and final design are yet to be determined. The current plan, subject to change, will launch a crowdfunding campaign in March and (theoretically) begin production in the second half of 2021. While there’s a real risk that the products debuted at CES never make it to market, I (and my overflowing EDP perfume stash) have high hopes for this one.

Louryn Strampe

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