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CES 2021: L’Oreal launches smart lipstick gadget to let you create personalized shades

L’Oreal finally launched a lipstick colour maker device at this year’s CES 2021 tech show. The company says that the product lets you make “an infinity of shades at your fingertips.” It is basically a sleek AI-powered device, that can be used to create different lipstick shades in whatever colour a wearer wants, which is quite interesting. This means that now you don’t need to buy different lipsticks as this one will help you create any shade you want.

It even features a stylish makeup compact, which is perched on top. Perso is a smart at-home device that allows consumers to create their own personalized lipsticks. The device uses three different lipstick colour cartridges and squirts the liquid out at the top of it to create a custom colour. For this, one will just be required to load the Perso with three cartridges and then mix the colours with the provided brush when the liquid is out. The device is available under YSL’s beauty brand, which is owned by L’Oreal.

A wearer also gets an option to create lipstick using the company’s YSL Rouge Sur Mesure app. The device is available for both iOS and Android users. The app also shows you trending colours designed by L’Oreal and various lifestyle influencers. “You can also choose your hair colour and your eye colour, and [the app] will recommend you palettes of shades that, based on scientific colour data, will most likely match well to your features,” says Guive Balooch, the global VP of L’Oreal Tech Incubator, which created Perso. The app has a “shade wheel,” which one can use to select a lipstick colour.

The Bluetooth-enabled device features a USB-C port for charging. L’Oreal, YSL’s parent company, claims that the device will offer more than a week’s battery life. The portable lipstick maker will cost $299, which is around Rs 21,870. Well, this price is only for the device and three cartridges. The company will charge $100 (around Rs 7,320) for additional three cartridges. It is worthing pointing out that a single lipstick from YSL typically costs around $40, which is approximately Rs 2,920 in India. The Verge reported that the product is already available for preorder.

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