– Silvertizen = Silver + Netizen –

It is a term that combines Silver and Netixen. It is also called Webver, which is a synthesis of Web and Silver. It is also called Digital Silver. This refers to older people in their 60s who are free to use digital devices and the Internet, such as Internet search, SNS, and online shopping, through the spread of digital devices and the Internet.

In the field of information technology such as Internet mobile phones, the rate of technological change is so fast that it is not easy for the elderly to catch up. However, if you give up, you become a primitive man of the 21st century. In trying to overcome the gap, age is only a number. Due to the medical development and improvement of living environment, there are many elderly people as young as the past. The era of life is approaching. The challenge of older people who have to live half the time they have lived thus far has enriched their lives.

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