Short Making

High-quality content is the lifeblood of every digital marketing strategy. Blog posts, emails, ebooks, and social media posts – marketers and website owners strive to create and publish top-notch content. It is an integral part of your inbound marketing efforts.

The quality of your content has a direct impact on your website’s search engine rankings. In addition, well-researched and insightful content reinforces brand credibility. It helps you win the trust of your audience and turn them into loyal brand advocates.

The world of content marketing is constantly on the move — adapting to new technologies, behaviors and ecosystems. As the world becomes simultaneously smaller and more complex, content has had to adopt new formats that engage people in today’s frenetic world.

One example of this is the increasing popularity of short-form content. While long-form content still has its place, bitesize articles and quick videos are becoming a key avenue for brands to reach and connect with their customers. They’re dynamic, digestible and drive genuine engagement and traffic to businesses.

Consumers today are changing, and brands are constantly needing to find new and effective ways of connecting with consumers. The popularity of short-form content is evidence of this. Part of the reason why short-form content is so popular with customers today is because of the rise of mobile-first.

Today, 71 percent of media time comes from smartphones, with an average of 87 hours per month spent on mobile device web browsing. More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to surf the web, make purchases and research products and services. As a consequence, brands need to create content that is easily digestible on mobile formats.

– Video Is the Now, but Short-Form Video Is the Future –

The videos audiences are consuming are getting shorter everyday. Grant Munro shows marketers how to capture attention, tell a story and create something visually engaging in just 2.7 seconds. Short-form videos have become the talk of content marketing over the past few years, but what exactly defines a short video? A short video is anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds long, although six-second micro-videos have become popular on platforms like YouTube and Snapchat.

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