Personal Mobility

In Universal Personal Telecommunications, personal mobility is the ability of a user to access telecommunication services at any UPT terminal on the basis of a personal identifier, and the capability of the network to provide those services in accord with the user’s service profile.

Personal mobility vehicles are designed to transport one person and in a very energy-efficient manner. They are suitable for a wide variety of occasions, including traveling distances too far to walk yet too near for driving, or moving around a huge shopping complex or a sprawling hospital compound.

Personal Mobility Device (PMD) refers to ‘Smart Mobility’ or ‘Micro Mobility’ for one or two persons, and it is appreciated as an environmental-friendly means operated by electric resources (Burns, 2013). According to Transparency Market Research in 2016, the world’s personal transport market is expected to grow two times bigger from 2014 to 2023. In fact, PMD has various product types, competence levels and safety problems, so it cannot help covering many user experiences (UXs). Thus, this study aimed to analyze previous researches about PMD in terms of UX and usability.

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