A people driven organization is dependant on specific people for these inputs. … This means that if a laborer or a group of laborers decide to leave the organization, the organization should still be able to continue its normal operations without too much of a setback.

In the current business scenario, to achieve success, Organizations must focus its resources on delivering the strategy as to meet their customers’ demands. The manner in which organizations are driven can be classified into two categories namely Process-driven and People-driven.

In a process-driven organization, the organization achieves its objectives of business by managing activities in a procedural way. The processes within that organization allow them to focus their teams’ efforts so that they deliver on their strategy, meet their customer needs, and win them new customers.

On the contrary, a people-driven organization relies heavily on individuals and the skills that they possess as the way of delivering on their business strategy. There are, however, numerous challenges for people-driven organizations.

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