Metaverse Idol

the Metaverse has also evolved. Music Idols are being represented through virtual avatars on online platforms, which create a connection between audiences and members of these groups that has been unfelt before.

Zepeto, the augmented reality chatroom app, has made the famous KPOP idol group, BLACKPINK, their official virtual models earlier this year. After making this official, the group announced it would hold a virtual fansign through the app, as meet and greets were made nigh impossible due to the global situation. The group also created a performance using their digital avatars in partnership with Selena Gomez under the title of “Ice Cream” earlier this year.

Not to be outdone, gaming has also proven to be an attractive space for artists to release new hits and create virtual concerts. Travis Scott and Marshmello have both found great success with Fortnite. In April, Travis Scott’s Astronomical performance brought almost 30 million attendees online to view the playable concert series, where the larger than life performer debuted his new track “The Scotts” to audiences around the world.

Throughout 2020, our social interactions and popular culture are starting to blend together in a virtual world where governments, companies and popular cultural icons come together to occupy the same space. 2020 won’t be the end of the Metaverse however, as companies and other entities have learned these virtual spaces have high potential for reach and can help make connections with a consumer base that has moved to a more virtual-centric lifestyle.

SEOUL, April 20 (Yonhap) -- Lotte Duty Free announced on Tuesday that it will hold the 31st Lotte Duty Free Family Concert online including performances from BTS, ITZY, TXT and more on the 16th of next month.

The performances will feature idol groups such as Super Junior - D&E, BTS, TWICE, ITZY, and Tomorrow X Together (TXT), while Super Junior's Shin Dong will host the special stage.

The slogan of the concert is "If you want to protect our trip, let's protect our planet first," which delivers the message of comforting people around the world who are tired from living in the pandemic, and the willingness to manage the environment, society and Corporate Governance (ESG), according to Lotte Duty Free.

The performance will be pre-recorded and translated into six languages, including Korean, English and Chinese.

In order to create a realistic virtual stage, Lotte Duty Free worked with CJ ENM to apply Metaverse, which combines both augmented reality (AR) and virtual convergence technology (XR).

The application to watch the performance can be completed for free on Lotte Duty Free Shop's  website and after receiving an admission code through one's email, the performance can be watched on the video sharing platform, Tik Tok.

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