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When we talk about the metaverse as a unified digital environment, we also need to think about the way we represent ourselves through our avatar. CryptoAvatars allows you to create a completely unique 3D avatar that you own as an NFT, and that represent you across the metaverse. Before we dive into the technical bit, first some background information on why this is relevant.

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To some extend our crypto wallets are already a data-driven representation of who we are inside the metaverse. Our wallets reveal how deep our pockets are, but also which DeFi dapps you’ve used, what type of games you like, and where you buy your NFT art. Wallets are like a gateway into someone’s soul, to some extend.

Web domains like .crypto by Unstoppable Domains are a way to have your wallet represented by something similar to an user name. For example, we own playtoearn.crypto. But those domains are ‘just’ a nickname, and we’d also need to connect that nickname to a visual representation. That’s where projects like CryptoAvatars and Genies come into play. These projects allow you to create a visual representation of yourself, which could be exactly like you or something completely different.

A visual representation doesn’t need to look like you. In the NFT space we already see people using for example Avastars as their representation. Especially, WhaleShark has taken this to a next level, using his most valuable Avastars character as visual layer during live interviews. These avatars make you recognizable as a particular person in the metaverse, on the internet, without revealing who you are in real life. Change identity? Then switch wallet, and thus you switch avatar, and therefore your identity will change.

Now, let’s talk about CryptoAvatars…

CryptoAvatars is a curated platform where creative designer can publish their avatars, making them ready for use across different applications including VR Chat, Webaverse and Somnium Space. Let’s learn how to add our 3D character creations to the CryptoAvatars platform.

Technical requirements for a CryptoAvatars character

When done making an avatar, make make sure that the final product matches some requirements. In order for avatars to be used in VR Chat, there’s a limit of 7,500 triangles. Make sure you have rigged the avatar after a humanoid (two arms, two legs, body and head) and preferably compatible with Mixamo, 3D computer graphics technology software. This software is free for anybody with an Adobe license. You will need to use blendshapes to add facial animations to your avatars. And ultimately the VRM file needs to be 25MB max

Author: Robert Hoogendoorn

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