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In a recent article, Anand Prasad shared some thoughts on what companies should consider for their remote workforce. With this article, we’d like to share some detailed tips on how you can secure your home network to assist corporate IT security in preventing potential cyber threats.
These days, with more and more people working from home, insecure home networks are opening up possibilities for hackers so also get access to corporate networks. After all, corporate networks have an entire IT or even IT security department which protect them against attacks through different technologies. Thankfully, those IT guys know what they are doing and know what’s best to secure the infrastructure they are responsible for. But you don’t need a security expert to do secure your network at home. With just a few tips, most potential attacks can be prevented.

No matter which way you choose, securing the home network should be a matter of priority. You can read it almos daily in the media: successful attacks are no longer the exception but the rule. Anyone who has been affected by such an attack knows that the damage caused by a cyber attack is not only comparable to a “real” burglary, but often goes beyond that. Everyone should be able to implement the first two tips in this article and do so immediately. If you don’t feel confident enough to implement the other tips yourself, you should hire a specialist – the costs involved are always a good investment.

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