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China has developed rapidly since adopting a comprehensive policy of reform and opening-up in 1978. Over the years a huge number of popular songs have emerged, recording the great changes in China’s lifestyle since 1978. These 10 popular female singers hit the heights of popularity with their songs reflecting the changes in our lives.

Explore the most popular singers from China. The list reveals the richest Chinese singers in 2020. The best Chinese male singers. Popular Chinese female singers.

# Singer Net Worth
1 G.e.m. $316.4K
2 Higher Brothers $120.8K
3 Ronghao Li $105.3K
4 Joker Xue $61.9K

Greatest Chinese Musicians

  • Liang Tsai-Ping – Guzheng Virtuoso.
  • The Guo Brothers – Folk Music.
  • Liu Changfu – Erhu Virtuoso.
  • Zhang Chu – Pop Rock.
  • Hu Tianquan – Sheng Virtuoso.
  • Chou Wen-chung – Classical Composer.
  • Bai Guang – Traditional Pop Music.
  • Dou Wei – Post-Rock.  

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