Hao Post

Hao – 好

means AWESOME. a cool,lovable, patient, and considerate person. literally means GOOD in Chinese.

POST word is 20 billion in Google search
So suitable for various marketing
Wouldn’t it be better for a Chinese newspaper

Post or POST commonly refers to:
  • Mail, the postal system, especially in Commonwealth of Nations countries
  • An Post, the Irish national postal service
  • Deutsche Post, German postal service
  • Hotel post, a service formerly offered by remote Swiss hotels for the carriage of mail to the nearest official post office
  • United States Postal Service or USPS
  • Parcel post, a postal service for mail that is heavier than ordinary letters
  • Post, a job or occupation
  • Post, a horse trot
Post, POST, or posting may also refer to:

United States

  • New York Post
  • The Denver Post
  • The Post (Connecticut newspaper)
  • The Post (Ohio newspaper)
  • The Post (Texas newspaper)
  • The Post (Virginia newspaper)
  • The Washington Post
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch


  • Post Newspapers, Perth, Australia
  • South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
  • The Jerusalem Post, Israel
  • The Kathmandu Post, Nepal
  • The Post (British newspaper), a national tabloid that was published for five weeks in 1988
  • The Post (Pakistani newspaper), a national newspaper
  • The Post (Zambia)

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