Hao Cast

Hao – 好

means AWESOME. a cool,lovable, patient, and considerate person. literally means GOOD in Chinese.

[1] Actors appearing in movies.

[2] List of characters and performers at the beginning and end of the movie.[3] Choosing an actor to appear in a movie. Ie casting With the exception of the lead actor, a casting director leads the job, suggesting a list of suitable performers to directors and producers. The cast of the leading role is closely related to the nature, scale, and boxing strategy of the film, and in today’s commercial film, it is common to assume a specific leading role in the scenario stage. Stars usually have a strong presence that attracts the audience themselves, or a lot of the risks associated with casting, and the producer ultimately decides whether or not to use them. If multiple starrings are required, the harmony and mutual preference between them must be taken into account, and the rest of the casts are selected by the casting director and director within a given budget.

When it comes to casting, there are two contrasting options. The first is to match the actor image and the cast image by casting according to the type. Since the silent film, the casting principle that continues to this day is casting according to the categorized roles such as leading actor, supporting actor, comedy actor, yojo lady, good man, wicked man, and detective. Ordinary people can love, but such a role in the movie is beautiful, attractive and romantic. The main character is a smooth, smooth, and appealing image, and the supporting character is more individual.

Another option for casting is to intentionally break the principle and betray the stereotypes of the characters the audience expects. The actors are prevented from leaning on mannerisms about roles and acting, and the audience is given unexpected acting, creating a tension between them. Casting an unknown name has the advantage of blocking the prejudice that can be associated with the actor, thereby making the judgment of the movie pending. As it is an unverified person, it is true that there are risks in commercial movies that rely on the star system, but it is worth considering actively if the existing actor cannot fully digest the potential of the cast by the existing actor. Through the competition, it is also possible to obtain a promotional effect that reminds the public of interest in the movie.

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