Definitions of greatest. adjective. highest in quality. synonyms: sterling, superlative superior. of high or superior quality or performance.

You're not exactly the greatest protector!

The greatest lesson I've learned this life is survival.

He held the ruler of the greatest kingdom at his mercy!

Ol' Woodie was the greatest pitcher ever.

Its greatest value cannot be hauled off.

What Is the Greatest Generation?
The Greatest Generation is a term used to describe those Americans who grew up during the Great Depression and fought in World War II, or whose labor helped win it. The term "the Greatest Generation" is thought to have been coined by former NBC Nightly News anchor and author Tom Brokaw in his book by the same name.

It’s easy to find guides to famous attractions. But which new and newly relevant destinations are worth experiencing right now?
To assemble our first annual list of the World’s Greatest Places, TIME solicited nominations across a variety of categories—such as museums, parks, bars, restaurants, theme parks, cruises and hotels—from our editors and correspondents around the world as well as dozens of industry experts. Then we evaluated each one based on key factors, including quality, originality, innovation, sustainability and influence.

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