What is the means of global? 1a : of, relating to, or involving the entire world : worldwide a global system of communication global economic problems global warfare — see also global village, global warming.

A global citizen is someone who is aware of and understands the wider world – and their place in it. They take an active role in their community and work with others to make our planet more peaceful, sustainable and fairer.

A global mindset is defined as the ability to recognize, read, and adapt to cultural signals, both overt and subtle, so that your effectiveness isn't compromised when you're dealing with people from different backgrounds. ... Put simply, personal development is at the core of a global mindset.

“A global citizen is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this community's values and practices.” ... As global citizens, we need to 'think global and act local' to create sustainable change. This is key to Global Action Plan's work.

From Longman Business Dictionary ˌglobal ˈmarket [singular] the activity of buying or selling goods and services in all the countries of the world, or the value of the goods and services soldThe explosive growth of the online economy is forcing businesses of all sizes to compete in a global market.

Taking your business global allows you to diversify your markets so your revenue sources are more stable: even if your domestic activity is slow, your business will not take as large of a hit since your global market will make up the difference.

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