EV Issues

Since the government announced plans to ban petrol and diesel cars, public interest in the one-time joke of the automotive world has spiked. Electric vehicles are the new obsession, and with a huge rise in both awareness and availability EV is all anyone is talking about.
It’s certainly all we ever talk about.

Every major car manufacturer has rolled out plans for a new EV model, or already has EVs in production. Yet despite all the chatter there are certain subjects that seem to go unmentioned.

Any industry has negative elements, downsides, and potential pitfalls. EVs are no different. But in the joyful exuberance at the prospect of a life free from fossil fuels and harmful emissions, not to mention the government’s enthusiasm when it comes to promoting all they’re doing to battle climate change, certain subjects get swept under the proverbial rug.

And that should never happen – not when it comes to EVs or any other aspect of business.

While electric vehicles are poised to tackle social burdens including air and noise pollution, they come with issues of their own. The environmental benefits of the change can’t be ignored, but there are serious questions to be answered when it comes to how sustainable electric vehicles truly are.

The concept of the electric car isn’t new – it’s been around for over a century – yet the technology needed to actually make that concept a viable reality is still in its infancy, and there’s a lot of development still to come.

6 Issues Facing Electric Vehicles

  • Electric Vehicle Driving Range. …
  • Charging Time. …
  • Lack of Charging Infrastructure. …
  • Limited Vehicle Choices. …
  • Higher Upfront Cost. …
  • Difficulty Finding a Mechanic.

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