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The “Social Distancing” campaign is also having a huge impact on the way companies work. Many experts expect telework to become a new normal after the coronavirus. According to a Clutch survey, about 66% of workers in the United States are working remotely due to coronavirus. Global companies such as Google and Facebook have decided to extend their remote work until the first half of next year.

It’s important to empower your employees to adopt digital technology and use it optimally. Businesses expect to be customer-centric, but it is difficult to change everything in the morning. Provide ongoing training to help employees become flexible with digital transformation and quickly become familiar with new ways of thinking. Just as improving the customer experience is part of the digital transformation, digital initiatives must be reviewed internally as well. Digital initiatives target employee satisfaction, skills improvement, organizational performance and culture, and more. With advances in digital technology increasing human-machine interactions, today’s tasks and processes must be redefined to fit the work environment of tomorrow. The digital workplace continues to evolve under the influence of rapidly changing digital technologies. The digital workplace allows you to predict the way you work in the future. Automation will replace the work of more and more people, and telework will become more common. In the near future, most of the work is likely to be automated or outsourced. In practice, what an employee can do is likely to be left with the core task. The core work will be changed to a project type and will be carried out as an agile team that is self-managed by consisting of internal and external personnel. Many companies are working from home due to the coronavirus. Currently, working from home can help improve productivity, but if the current organizational culture cannot keep up with the business environment that will change in the future, the productivity of employees may decrease. There is a need for an agile organizational culture where all stakeholders in the value chain can connect naturally and communicate and collaborate quickly and easily. And giving your employees the tools to communicate, collaborate and connect will increase productivity for greater business success. This can help you stay on the job even in sudden telecommuting situations.

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