After Corona 19, companies need a “deeptact” strategy to expand their contact with customers by finding the best combination of contact and non-contact businesses to survive.
As the existing business model that manufactures and sells guitars has reached its limit, it has reinterpreted the business model and transformed it into a non-contact online guitar learning platform operator.” Securing and growing into a real business, and manufacturing and sales of musical instruments, which is an existing business, rose sharply.

Online and offline is not a scenario of mutual exclusivity but rather an interdependent means for achieving success and for connecting them in a way that would enhance the customer’s overall experience.

You should aim to understand every detail and every interaction of your customer for both online and offline journeys. This will show which processes go smoothly and which processes need enhancement.

These two marketing strategies are key to any company in any industry, but they are especially important for financial institutions who have clients of all ages, ethnicities, interests, professions, etc. and need to extend their reach to everyone, whether they have access to the internet or not.

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