Daily Ranking

meaning: . of or relating to every day; daily: an everyday occurrence. of or for ordinary days, as contrasted with Sundays, holidays, or special occasions: everyday clothes. such as is met with every day; ordinary; commonplace: a placid, everyday scene.

: happening, done, made, used, or existing every day. : published every day or every day except Sunday. : of or relating to one day.

Daily is defined as every day or day after day. An example of daily used as an adverb is in the phrase “daily running,” which means running that happens every day.

Everyday life, daily life or routine life comprises the ways in which people typically act, think, and feel on a daily basis. Everyday life may be described as mundane, routine, natural, habitual, or normal.

A ranking is a relationship between a set of items such that, for any two items, the first is either "ranked higher than", "ranked lower than" or "ranked equal to" the second. In mathematics, this is known as a weak order or total preorder of objects.

Ranking method is one of the simplest performance evaluation methods. In this method, employees are ranked from best to worst in a group. The simplicity of this method is overshadowed by the negative impact of assigning a 'worst' and a 'best' rating to an employee.

Forced ranking, the controversial process by which employees are graded against each other instead of judged against performance standards, is all the rage in corporate America. ... Some say forced ranking is not only the best method, but an essential practice to turn a struggling company into a market-dominating one.

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