LG Electronics is working to boost its robot business through collaboration with CJ Foodville.
The electronics giant on Sunday said it demonstrated its CLOi Chefbot at a VIPS restaurant in Deungchon-dong in western Seoul’s Gangseo District on Friday. At the restaurant, the robot cooked and served noodle dishes.

The robot boiled ingredients like vegetables, cooked the noodles, combined them all in a bowl and gave that bowl to a customer. The entire process took less than a minute, according to LG.

The CLOi Chefbot operates using motion control technology. The software is based on the mapped movements of actual chefs, so the CLOi Chefbot is able to move like a professional, according to LG. It also includes a system designed to help the robot hold cooking utensils firmly.

LG’s robot could free restaurant workers from repetitive and dangerous chores, according to the company.

The Samsung CES 2020 booth is chock full of gadgets, but the best thing that we saw there was Bot Chef, a pair of robotic arms that cooked us a salad on command.
Samsung Bot Chef is proof that the company is taking the arms race to get robots into your budding smart home very literally at CES 2020. I was able to watch Bot Chef rummage through cabinets, pour ingredients into a pan, and mix them up to create a tofu salad, using AI and computer vision algorithms.

The verdict? It tastes like the future.

The sesame tofu salad that Bot Chef made in the kitchen alcove at the Samsung CES booth is one of 35 salad recipes it’s programmed to whip up. Greek salad, chicken avocado salad, and walnut apple salad sound like even more of a challenge for what the company calls its gourmet collaborative robot, or ‘cobot.’

The Bot Chef demo at the Samsung CES booth began with a simple voice command: “Hey, Bot Chef, let’s make a salad.” Tofu was chosen over something like chicken, as there’s a decidedly strict ‘no fire’ rule at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Okay, that’s fair.
The two white robot arms hung at attention from a set of kitchen cabinets, like an under-the-cabinet can opener redesigned for 2020. Bot Chef has six degrees of freedom, four main arm joints, and three fingers to pinch and hold various kitchen utensils. Its diameter and reach is meant to mimic that of human arms. is for sale!

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