Car Commerce

Imagine a day when drivers can reserve, order and buy everything on the go – including gas, parking, tolls, food, coffee and groceries – without ever having to step out of their car. This means paying for goods and services would neither involve handing over a sheaf of banknotes nor swiping or inserting credit cards – just a simple tap on their dashboards would suffice. Now, go one step further and imagine cars making personalized recommendations, offering drivers location-based deals and discounts from their favorite stores as they drive along their daily route.
This scenario is neither far-fetched nor of a distant future; it is in fact unfolding this very moment in Seoul and other cities around the world as cars transform into an internet-connected platform for payments.

Digital Disruption in the Automotive Industry
Changes in customer behavior and new technology have led to a digitization of the whole automotive industry. It started with the integration of voice-command applications like Alexa and Siri for navigation assistance and infotainment. Now car manufacturers have shifted their entire focus to delivering direct-to-consumer mobility services and unified experiences along the entire customer journey.

Learn more about the pathway to in-car connected commerce, including new opportunities it presents for the automotive industry and new technology required to enable shopping on the road.

In Car Commerce and Services
In combination with the cars’ telemetry, many mobility service can be automated. The cars’ internal systems can make service appointments and order spare parts as well as accessories. Vehicles alert drivers about low fuel or battery levels, direct them to the nearest fuel or changing station and pay at the same time. They also find restaurants on the way and order products in advance. Using built-in voice interfaces such as Amazon Echo, passengers interact with apps and services, get their shopping done, plan their next holidays or search for a parking spot close to a local store.

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