V. The Process of becoming black, either physically, mentaly, or both. Adj. To be black after previously being a race other than black.

blackify (third-person singular simple present blackifies, present participle blackifying, simple past and past participle blackified)
(transitive) To convert (e.g. a country, a group, etc) to the black race or culture.

Black represents evil, darkness, night, and despair. It's the color used to convey certainty and authority, and when used in opposition with white, it's a symbol of the eternal struggle between day and night, good and evil, and right and wrong.
Black is the absence of light. ... Some consider white to be a color, because white light comprises all hues on the visible light spectrum. And many do consider black to be a color, because you combine other pigments to create it on paper. But in a technical sense, black and white are not colors, they're shades.

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