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Blockchain is often touted as a world-changing technology and in many ways, it is. However, it isn’t necessarily the cure-all panacea for the world’s problems that many evangelists would have you believe.

To facilitate blockchain transactions, several third-party vendors may be enlisted. ... These third-party blockchain vendors often have comparatively weak security on their own apps and websites, which can leave the door open to hacking.

One of the most prominent technological developments in the last decade has been the launching of Virtual Assets (VAs) which are in a form of decentralized digital currency or virtual currency. Examples of Virtual Assets are cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins.

Virtual currency is a type of unregulated digital currency that is only available in electronic form. It is stored and transacted only through designated software, mobile or computer applications, or through dedicated digital wallets, and the transactions occur over the internet through secure, dedicated networks.

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies plunge after China issues restrictions

China has said it will stop banks and payment firms from using cryptocurrenices, sending prices into a tailspin. Beijing's regulators warned that "speculation" was a threat to the financial system.

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