AI No-Code

No-code AI platforms for machine learning allow users with no coding skills to optimize day-to-day operations, allowing developers to rely on technical purity and solve business issues. No-code tools can be used by full-time developers as well.

Nocode development platform (NCDPs) allows programmers and non-programmers to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.

With nocode tools, you can build a web app, website, database, etc. without having to write code. No code tools replace coding with clicking or drag and drop. … Nocode is a method of programming that involves building web technologies with GUI-based tools, instead of writing code.

No code platforms have pre-built drag-and-drop elements that have been coded for reuse and scale. A no code development platform is essentially a user interface builder, where you can rapidly drag-and-drop every web page together, and instantly see how it will look on mobile, tablet and desktop.

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