Artificial intelligence Balance

Creating the right balance between scale and skill
After all, algorithms don’t feel, humans do. To date, what we have seen as attempts to automate brand’s way into the customer’s heart are missing the mark—such as a recent advertisement for an open job position generated by AI featuring awkward and incomplete sentences. By putting the efficiency of scale at the wheel of content creation, storytelling, and customer engagement, the best of intentions can likely unravel.

Despite broad adoption of AI and machine learning, these technologies aren’t quite suited to take over the entire content supply chain—particularly all levels of customer or employee engagement, for that matter. But leveraging AI to help the process of informing, testing, producing, implementing, and optimizing content, can lead to breakthroughs with very human results.

The challenge of creating content that intrigues and involves is still very much a human skill process. While the scale that predictive AI and machine learning enables holds enormous possibilities to make both the front and long tail of digital marketing more insightful and efficient. The good news is, if you find the right the balance between both digitization and the human experience, you don’t need to sacrifice skill for scale on your path to growth.

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