AR Journey

Travel agencies, hospitality brands and popular tourist destinations are taking advantage of technology to hook customers and create unforgettable experiences.
From enhancing the physical environment for visitors at a certain location to preparing travelers for what they should expect, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) give guests a new level of comfort and confidence in making travel plans and engaging in a variety of experiences — some maybe not even in the same country — while on a trip.

The monetization possibilities for taking augmented reality from abstract possibility to commercial reality are huge. Everywhere that humans move through space and time — an “AR journey” presents an opportunity to change customer interaction.
The Center for the Future of Work just published a widened aperture of the long game on augmented reality. Organizations across industries need to begin weaving immersive technologies into customer, employee, supplier and partner interactions – or risk irrelevance in the years to come.

What does all this mean for the jobs needed to build this out tomorrow? In a world of immersive AR technologies, activities that humans do well will be even more important. Recombination of skills will create new jobs.

We see new creative roles emerging. Imagine “AR journey builders” collaborating with engineering leads and technical artists to craft or otherwise harness an explosion of new, in-the-moment content by leveraging AI and algorithms to map tens of thousands of permutations and possibilities calibrated to individualized tastes.

It’s not difficult to imagine myriad teams needed to design, write, create, calibrate, gamify, sceneset and – most importantly – personalize the next generation of stories and AR journeys. These continually forming, swarming agglomerating teams will craft interactive “virtual vignettes,” leveraging prior-art from any filmic genre or vernacular imaginable.

If customers like their work, AR journey builders and their teams will be paid handsome bonuses. And the collective genius of their vignettes could be replicated by platform, ready for use, redeployment and recombination into additional situations and parameters, with royalties attached in perpetuity.

Much as composers, bricklayers and playwrights were in demand a century ago, AR journey builders might be thought of as their 21st century successors, transposed to the medium of augmented reality – equal parts “experience conductors,” “data overlayers” and “CX/UXwrights.”

Robert Brown

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