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Live-streaming Generated Trust
Trust is a crucial issue for e-commerce platforms to address, and Taobao believes that content and community are the best ways to generate trust.

Women in their late 20s to mid-30s make up the majority of Taobao live-stream viewers and consumers. When watching, they care a great deal about the level of knowledge the host has about the subject. The more knowledge they have, the more trust they have in the host’s product recommendations.

Without live-streaming features, people tend not to make impulse purchases on e-commerce sites. They’ll browse for products they know they want to buy. Furthermore, if an item description doesn’t provide enough info, they may call off the purchase altogether.
When combined with social media, however, e-commerce sites let consumers discover new products and develop trust in the quality of the products they are interested in. Both of these drive consumption. This effect is magnified when influencers are involved, who are great at creating raw, real content. is for sale!

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