AIoT Security

AIoT security is the act of securing Internet of Things devices and the networks they’re connected to. In the business setting, IoT devices include industrial machines, smart energy grids, building automation, plus whatever personal IoT devices employees bring to work.
The world has gone digital. Cell phones are commonplace, tablets have replaced spiral notebooks in schools and companies are developing next-gen tech like driverless cars.
It seems everything is connected, especially for businesses. From automated security systems to laptops, the number of devices that are online and working together is only growing. By 2020, about 20.4 billion devices will be connected, according to a forecast from Gartner. There’s a term for this kind of connectivity. It’s called IoT, or “Internet of Things.”

Connected devices can give your business a real boost, but anything that’s connected to the Internet can be vulnerable to cyberattacks.
Research shows 55 percent of IT professionals list IoT security as their top priority, according to a survey conducted by 451 Research. From corporate servers to cloud storage, cybercriminals can find a way to exploit information at many points within an IoT ecosystem. That doesn’t mean you should ditch your work tablet for pen and paper. It just means you have to take IoT security seriously. is for sale!

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