AI Vending Machine

Artificial Intelligence Vending Machine

The famous soft drink has been around for a long time, but one of the ways in which Coca-Cola is driving innovation today is by incorporating advanced artificial intelligence technology into its worldwide network of branded vending machines.

Today’s businesses rely on infrastructure with state-of-the-art utility features. Email programs are among the most important applications used each day.

In Japan, Coca-Cola fans can use their smartphone to access a vending machine loyalty scheme. By installing the Coke On app, they can collect points when they visit a machine by connecting their phone to it. They can then redeem those points against future purchases from the same machines – giving people a reason to use a Coca-Cola vending machine over a competitor’s.
“Coke On is essentially a mobile-driven loyalty platform that allows you to walk up to any of the 1 million vending machines in Japan – 200,000 in Tokyo alone – and actually be able to redeem loyalty rewards with just the flip of your thumb,” said Coca-Cola’s Chief Digital Officer, David Godsman. “We’ve also looked at some forms of AI in terms of optimizing how our vending machines are placed and where they’re placed to ensure we’re meeting consumer demand based off of patterns and things of that nature. I would say it’s been a lot of trial. The Coke On app has been incredibly successful; it’s approaching 6 million downloads. People are using it with great frequency.”

AI is also being used to offer different purchasing options. New vending machines being launched in the US, Australia, and New Zealand will allow customers to pre-order two drinks at a time via an app, and then collect them from a machine.

The new artificial intelligence technology will also allow Coca-Cola to fine tune each machine to its location.

By analyzing purchasing behaviors and customer data, the vending machines will be able to promote appropriate products for the area, and even offer discounts and deals which will be bespoke to that machine. In addition, the artificial intelligence will also be able to adjust the “mood” of the vending machine to be appropriate for its location. This means that in a gym, for instance, a machine may promote more water.

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