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Google will be launching some sort of tool or service to help teachers and parents educate children whose schools are closed during the coronavirus outbreak.
School districts across the nation are starting to close as the Covid-19 pandemic spreads along with the fear that we are doing too little, too late to contain it. No one knows how long affected districts will be in recess, but it is likely to be measured in weeks and months rather than days. Regardless of whether students are in class or at home, schools must dramatically expand their capacity to provide remote learning.

As the new coronavirus spreads, schools across the country are closing their doors and encouraging parents to help kids complete schoolwork at home until risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 have passed.

It may be difficult to imagine artificial intelligence in education. It’s easier with other industries, but what has AI to do with education? Are we going to replace teachers with chatbots?
The worries about teachers losing their jobs are definitely premature – the fact is that humans understand humans, and the relationship students have with teachers is a part of the learning experience. However, AI can make education more accessible and individualized, allowing instructors to provide students with a more personalized approach and encouraging learners to continue education. Thanks to personalization and recommendations, the efficiency of learning can be improved and students’ satisfaction increased. Practices like that and the use of predictive analytics lead to reduced attrition and more revenue.

It’s also worth noting that the system is constantly evolving — as AI certainly should — to teach other subjects. The new educational focus is on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics), and ROYBI is constantly adding new material in these subject areas.

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