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Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of today’s mobile app development industry. This advanced technology is not only helping the mobile app developer to innovative Apps but also enhance the services. With the growing competition in the industry, there is a continuous race to move ahead. Likewise, On-demand taxi booking apps have attained a prime position in the market as well as in the user’s smartphones. This app has become a necessity for our day to day life activities.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is frequently used in taxi apps for streamlining complex and time-consuming processes. Today taxi apps come up with the latest technologies helping the users to stay ahead and spontaneous. Thus, users can use the taxi app to the fullest to catch up with modern times. Today, Artificial intelligence (AI) Taxi apps is introducing digital improvements that have created new chances for vendors to attract and retain customers. AI is helping to bridge the tedious gaps to manage and assist in business tasks while understanding humans.

Sony is leading an alliance of taxi companies to create an AI-powered hailing system.
While Uber brought us on-demand taxi rides at the press of a button, Sony wants to use AI to further improve on the model. By studying conditions such as traffic, weather, and current events — taxis can be dispatched automatically where needed.

One example, which many of us will have experienced, is the frustration of getting transport home after a concert. Sony’s algorithm would ensure a fleet of taxis are ready to pick up a surge of attendees exiting the event. More taxis could be dispatched if the weather conditions are poor and people are less likely to walk and use alternative transport such as buses.

Sony is currently focusing on its native market of Japan for the initial release; with no word of plans to release elsewhere. Japan has a ban on the use of private vehicles for ridesharing which enables Sony to gain a foothold in a market with little competition.

However, the company will have to move fast. Automotive giant Toyota is also looking for a slice of the market and poured $70 million into JapanTaxi, another company which is working on an AI-powered taxi system.

The taxi companies involved in Sony’s alliance includes Checker Cab, Daiwa Motor Transportation, Green Cab, Hinomaru Kotsu, and Kokusai Motorcars.

As self-driving cars grow in prominence, AI hailing systems like what Sony is developing will become invaluable. The company has a chance at becoming a leader in what’s set to become a very lucrative market.

Toyota, JapanTaxi, KDDI, and Accenture have announced plans to pilot an artificial intelligence (AI) taxi dispatch system in Japan. is for sale!

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