AI Sport

AI is making use of sports data to create readable information on different sports events. For instance, software like Wordsmith is capable of processing sporting events to provide summaries of the major events of the day. ... AI in Match Predictions — Machine Learning can be used to predict the result of matches.

With Artificial Intelligence, coaches can get help from data analysts which can assess specific qualities of players and how these qualities can be used in a team. AI will also help in identifying how a player can improve himself.

There are few things in the world that cannot be quantified. E everything that can be quantified, can be predicted with precision using data analytics and artificial intelligence. The world of sports is abundant in such quantifiable elements, making it ideal for the use of artificial intelligence. The applications of artificial intelligence in sports have become a common sight in recent years. Considering the positive impact they’ve brought about through their growing capabilities, they will continue to make inroads into the realm of sports. Following are a few areas in sports where artificial intelligence is set to become a mainstay component:

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