AI Speaker

The best AI speakers of 2020 are the most versatile gadgets in our arsenal; they play music, help us control our smart home devices, and come with virtual assistants ready to answer our every question.
These voice assistants, which include Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, have taken our homes by storm. That’s because they can do so much – they can tell you about the weather, play music, tell you the news and control your smart home devices hands-free (like your Philips Hue bulbs or smart locks).

Despite this, it seems that many of us are under-utilizing our AI speakers, choosing to access voice assistants via our smartphones; that’s why you need to choose the right AI speaker for you to get the most out of these clever gadgets.

Among the most well-known AI speakers are the Amazon Echo and Google Nest (née Google Home) ranges of products – and a new fleet of products from both companies, including the Amazon Echo Studio and the Google Nest Mini, are set to shake up the smart home world.

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