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Individually, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are powerful technologies. When you combine AI and IoT, you get AIoT—the artificial intelligence of things. You can think of internet of things devices as the digital nervous system while artificial intelligence is the brain of a system.

Smart watches equipped with advanced AI will monitor your every move

AI Watches that monitor and analyse virtually every move of the wearer could be used to prevent memory lapses for the elderly and track workers on an assembly line.

A Smartwatch is a popular device that is usually worn by athletes and health enthusiasts. As most watches do, it can help you tell the time and date. Aside from that common feature, a smartwatch comes loaded with applications that offer a lot of extra features.

Some of these features are receiving and reading messages, answering calls, listening to music, playing games, and a weather forecast. If you know where to look, you can definitely customize a smartwatch’s functionality according to your preferences.

You might be wondering why you see a lot of health-conscious people enjoy wearing a smartwatch while working out. The reason is that smartwatches are great devices that can help them with their health and fitness goals. For instance, runners often wear smartwatches that also have GPS or Global Positioning System. GPS helps them determine their right location and makes an excellent guide in making a daily route for running.

Scientists are working on an artificially intelligent (AI) system that takes the idea of activity tracking to a whole new level.
The new watches will know when a routine task, such as washing the dishes or brushing teeth, has been left undone and provide a “helpful” reminder.

They could serve as memory joggers for the elderly, promote healthy lifestyles, assist in health care, or aid rehabilitation after injury.

However, they could also be used to analyse consumer behaviour or track performance of factory workers, one of the researchers behind the invention admitted.

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