AI Smart Lamp

Internet tech giant ByteDance on Oct. 29 unveiled its a smart lamp priced at 799 yuan ($119) for the education sector as well as announced the new education brand Dali as part of its plan to diversify its businesses.

With an AI-based camera and screen, the device helps parents make video calls with their kids to help them with their school assignments. Kids can also consult the AI explainer for math problems and learn from the display screen.

Chinese firm Bytedance gained prominence with its popular apps Tiktok and its Chinese version Duoyin. The company recently signified interested to venture into hardware manufacture with the acquisition of Smartisan. ByteDance has today announced a new education brand known as Dali Education. Interestingly, the company also unveiled the first hardware product under the brand dubbed the Dali Smart Tutoring Lamp T5.

The lamp comes with a companion app known as “Daily Love Tutoring” app which parents can use to plan the child’s homework plan and completion progress can be synchronized in real time. Parents can also grasp the homework status remotely. In addition, the Dali Smart Tutoring Lamp is also equipped with smart dual cameras. Parents can not only see their children’s desk remotely but can also use real-time communication to interact with their children through video connections to understand their children’s learning status. The lamp is integrated with a smartphone size display with touchscreen functions.

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