AI Smart Construction

In the past, “artificial intelligence” conjured up visions of futuristic science fiction robots. Today, AI is the technology behind digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa. Consumers can enjoy the convenience of AI on their smartphones. Now, artificial intelligence is entering various industries with promises of lucrative commercial applications. An industry benefiting greatly from AI is the construction industry. Using artificial intelligence in construction sector helps construction companies be more productive. AI also improves the quality and safety of those projects.
McKinsey predicts that AI in the construction sector will be modest at first. In their report, the research company notes that a monumental shift is coming in the near future.

“Stakeholders across the project lifecycle, including contractors, operators, owners, and service providers, can no longer afford to conceive of AI as technology that’s pertinent only to other industries,” – McKinsey

Construction companies must modernize operations to solve the problems facing the industry today. Problems include low profitability rate, schedule delays, cost overruns, and safety issues.

Digitization is the future of the construction industry. Companies that quickly move to upgrade their technologies will gain a distinct advantage. With artificial intelligence, the construction sector can tackle current issues and avoid past mistakes.

AI in construction is increasing throughout the industry as part of a larger shift toward smart construction technology. In fact, McKinsey called artificial intelligence “construction technology’s next frontier,” and predicted that it will play a more significant role in digital technology in construction. That means if you want to succeed in the sector, you have to quickly come to terms with how artificial intelligence in construction will affect the industry and your company.

By Team Invonto

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