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Artificial intelligence may still seem like it should be confined to the realm of science fiction films but it is already being used to great effect in the rental market. Some of the latest ways that Artificial Intelligence is impacting the rental market

Currently, it is very cumbersome to run through classified listings to scout for suitable rental property, but the application of AI can turn the entire scenario upside down with individuals having all the required information right on their PC. Chat bots have become part of the standard features of a website. Standard queries of any potential tenant being answered through these chat bots, is just the beginning of AI.
Some of the early applications of AI in the home rental market are voice assistants and the Internet of things (IoT). Voice assistants understand humans and can map human choices to a specific locality or even a building thus disrupting the way a tenant chooses a house.

As the home rental market becomes much more organised there is every possibility that voice assistant devices, which are invariably connected to the internet, help in improving service quality. Imagine a scenario where the tenant has an urgent service requirement and all that individual has to do is to pass on the message to a voice assistant to do the needful.

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