AI Protection

AI Protection is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence predictive analysis start-up, developing the most advanced technology to decipher what people are thinking, how they intend to act, and whether what they are saying and/or their intentions are true or false.
Our technology is designed to identify potential threats for organizations to prepare for, investigate and adjudicate ahead of time so they can be neutralized and mitigated before they fully evolve or occur.

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t new. What is new is the growing ubiquity of AI in large organizations. In fact, by the end of this year, I believe nearly every type of large organization will find AI-based cybersecurity tools indispensable.
Artificial intelligence is many things to many people. One fairly neutral definition is that it’s a branch of computer science that focuses on intelligent behavior, such as learning and problem solving. Now that cybersecurity AI is mainstream, it’s time to stop treating AI like some kind of magic pixie dust that solves every problem and start understanding its everyday necessity in the new cybersecurity landscape. 2020 is the year large organizations will come to rely on AI for security.

As cyberattacks grow in volume and complexity, artificial intelligence (AI) is helping under-resourced security operations analysts stay ahead of threats. Curating threat intelligence from millions of research papers, blogs and news stories, AI provides instant insights to help you fight through the noise of thousands of daily alerts, drastically reducing response times. is for sale!

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