AI Prevention

Over the last 3 to 5 years, AI machine learning capabilities have been growing exponentially and will continue to do so in the future. Deeper and deeper levels of learning will occur, limited only by how much ‘quality’ data can be fed into the AI. In the ‘medical’ field, diagnostic and treatment option recommendations, drug-genes matching and patient-dosage titrations and so on will operate on a much larger set of inputs than any human can even hope to handle, along with a quantum leap in speed and consistency. Some of these are already occurring, but in the future, these developments will gain speed and enable newer, experiential approaches in health & wellness and drive large scale deployments.

Medical practitioners will find in AI, a ‘super-assistant’ that will make suggestions to improve the speed and accuracy of diagnoses by incorporating the latest information and guidelines. Clinical studies can be based in the real-world rather than operate under idealistic assumptions, since AI can compensate for day to day variations and circumstances. These are already happening. The medical field has been the focus of AI implementations thus far, but in 2020 and beyond, the next growth area for AI in health will be in the ‘wellness & prevention’ field.

In the future, AI will learn to generate real-time meal-modification instructions, making sure that relevant subscriber parameters and constraints, as well as previous meals are all taken into consideration. It will be much more comprehensive (taking into account all of the subscriber parameters, goals, past meals and respective modifications, and even more considerations such as changing circumstances – e.g. illness, over-eating, etc.)
Another area where AI will make a tremendous difference is deep personalization: going beyond the static profile-based into dynamic personalization (such as handling new or changing circumstances e.g. day-to-day changes in what you eat). For example, if you ate too much at a feast, or overdid the carbs, AI can detect that and suggest an appropriate ‘detox’ diet plan.

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