Intelligent POS makes marketing even smarter

AI will help marketers get better at learning their customers’ needs and preferences and then generating products, services, offers, and discounts as the opportunities arise – or even before. Smart shelves: Smart shelf
strategies can help you track inventory movement without impacting employee productivity. Sensors on shelves link to warehouse computer systems. When customer purchase a product, updated inventory data is sent to the warehouse computer systems. Inventory alerts can inform workers when they need to restock shelves and order more products. By this customers can track the products in which shelf and will experience by never getting any stock out of their demand product. Sensors like temperature sensor
will maintain the hygiene across the outlet.

POS platforms provide only a rudimentary level of customer behavior tracking. We can see the basic information about the customer along with their purchase history. This information can be used to determine which add-ons and promotions to offer the customer. However, this is only an educated guess, and there are a lot of gaps to fill.
AI takes these necessary next steps. Using AI, retailers can track a customer’s journey through the physical store much the same way we track users on websites. When combined with cameras and sensors, it’s possible to understand exactly how customers are interacting with the store. is for sale!

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