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Artificial intelligence in Pharma refers to the use of automated algorithms to perform tasks which traditionally rely on human intelligence. Over the last five years, the use of artificial intelligence in the pharma and biotech industry has redefined how scientists develop new drugs, tackle disease, and more.

The pharmaceutical industry is set to greatly benefit from the use of artificial intelligence (AI), due to its wide range of applications. Sydney Tierney discusses how machine learning can enhance marketing, manufacturing and drug trials.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be applied to nearly every aspect of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, to enhance data processing. Adopting the technology will reveal the astonishing potential of the healthcare sector, with success rates flying higher than ever before – especially in the research and development of crucial, life-changing drugs.

AI works as a machine learning system, continuously responding and analysing data, which allows researchers to collect information effectively. Additionally, the more data AI responds too, the smarter it will become, continuously advancing the pharmaceutical industry.

Not only can AI benefit the treatment of patients and offer care solutions, it can optimise the industry. This article will discuss how AI can be used to improve pharma and how it can augment itself in the industry.

Artificial Intelligence in pharma refers to the system of interconnected and automated technologies in the biotech industry which can function autonomously, with little or no human intervention. AI is an emerging technology that is finding its way into many facets of the pharma sector, from drug development to diagnosis and even patient care.

Over the last several years, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the pharma and biomedical industry has gone from science fiction to science fact. Increasingly, pharma and biotech companies are adopting more efficient, automated processes that incorporate data-driven decisions and use predictive analytics tools. The next evolution of this approach to advanced data analytics incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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