AI Mobility

AI is greatly enhancing our ability to predict and manage the implications of behaviour choice and equipment performance for things like route choice, travel disruption, road safety, decarbonisation and autonomous vehicles. In addition, insights from AI are relevant to uncovering and shaping new business models for mobility, such as mobility-as-a-service, and to helping governments predict and manage the regulatory environment for fast changing transport technology.

How important is Artificial Intelligence? Very. AI is powering a Fourth Industrial Revolution, its transformative force similar to the drivers of the previous three (steam, electricity and computing). Thanks to AI, objects are getting ‘agency’: they won’t need us anymore to make decisions and take action. Mobility is arguably the ecosystem where AI’s tremendous potential is most visibly emerging. The value of AI in Automotive is expected to approach €10 billion by 2024. What is that money being spent on? is for sale!

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