AI Massage Chair

The futuristic chair looks like it belongs in a spaceship and uses artificial intelligence to give you massages.

It may look like a spaceship Enterprise prop, but this is the Momoda AI Full Body Massage Chair. Xiaomi claims that it has a “zero gravity mode” and it uses artificial intelligence to give you massages.

According to Gizmochina, the $953 chair can be operated by the built-in XiaoAI voice assistant, which we can only hope it means it can understand when you moan out of pleasure and asks for more rubs on your shoulder blades.
The chair — which successfully crowdfunded in China — comes in one piece. It uses airbags that wrap around your shoulders, arms, legs, and feet to give you the massage. The company says that the airbags can give circular pressure, gently pads, or roll over your body.

It also has a graphene heating element that can keep a constant temperature on your waist and back.

Xiaomi says that the chair can detect your body’s shape and position in 3D in order to massage you correctly. I can only speculate that it uses AI to evaluate this, but the company doesn’t provide with any details. You can also instruct the chair to give you the massage in any way you want, being more intense or less in some parts.

In the age of in-home fitness, brands like Peloton, Ogawa, Tonal, and Mirror, are helping people that are looking for every way to stay fit and relaxed, in the leisure of their own home. These are just some of the companies that understand this and are acting quickly by investing heavily in health and wellness technology. With the in-home fitness boom it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking for the best when it comes to in-home fitness options. You can now cover almost every aspect of your health regiment in the home, with massage chairs, exercise apps, and virtual trainers. Technology has made this possible by allowing people to take a cycle, box, or get a massage on their own schedule.

To think about a massage chair, one tends to think about relaxing in a chair, and getting the perfect massage with little or no effort. But how does a massage chair do all this? Ogawa thinks it all starts with the massage robotic. A massage robotic that is so advanced that it can provide the same experience as a human. The massage robotic that Ogawa designed is called a 4D L-track massage mechanism. It has the timing of a human hand, the adjustability to go lighter or deeper, as well as heat therapy applied to the area of the massage. Ogawa is so serious about their roller technology that they have the largest amount of patents of any massage chair company. What they call “Vario-Motion” technology is able to target the hard to reach places like the nape of the neck, and lower sciatica area, smoothly and with the ideal massage choreography. is for sale!

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