AI Leadership

The artificial intelligence (AI) market is growing at a rapid pace, and this has a significant impact on leadership roles. AI uses technologies like machine learning (ML), object recognition, and advanced data analytics to simplify decision-making.

Wise Leadership and AI: New Intelligence, New Leadership
Intelligent behavior has long been considered a uniquely human attribute. But as computer science and IT networks progress exponentially,

artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly standing out as the transformational technology of our age. From industry 4.0 outwards, human and artificial intelligence may compete for jobs. But they will increasingly collaborate and complement each other.

A future artificial intelligence (AI) leadership position will likely include a new follower, the AI machine. … AI leadership may require adjustments to current influences used for humans. Building relationships with AI machines is expected to be altered with greater focus needed on ethical and moral mentoring.

As automation streamlines process-based tasks, it will change the role of leaders and how they interact with employees. For HR, it will require helping employees overcome their fears of AI. … Being able to mediate these interactions, resolve conflicts, and bring out the best in people will be a key leadership skill.

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