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Although interior design isn’t the first thing that comes to our mind when we consider the use of AI, it just has as much potential for growth with technological integration as any other industry.
The introduction of AI in the field of interior designing seems to point towards creating a synergy between the client and the designer by linking the client’s ideas and designer’s visualization.
It is bridging the gap between the client and the professional.
The process involves collecting data from the client regarding their choice and then connecting them to like-minded interior designers for better guidance.

AI can assist design teams by enhancing and reducing overall lead times, and expand their creative discovery by analyzing and remembering insights from thousands of images and videos using computer vision. These designers can also more easily find how they can integrate trending colors, key patterns, and styles.
It’s about reducing a time-consuming, resource-intensive, manual process, or blowing up that research element by providing access to much wider sources than ever before. Consumers, on the other hand, can expect better product availability and near-perfect personalization

“Currently, only professional designers know about design rules and techniques. Our vision is to empower everyone to become interior designers with an app that combines AI with virtual reality.”

Finalizing a design can be a tedious process where the designers meet the client, the client discuss their ideation. Then they again meet and discuss further until the design is finalized. It is hence, a very lengthy process and requires a lot of manual work from the designers. This can also be error-prone sometimes due to miscommunication.

But with AI your interior designer will be just a click away. No need to travel far for your client’s requirement.

AI is good at recognizing and describing objects in images and real-time space, and if there’s no good data to train with, it will create.

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