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According to a recent Forbes Insights survey of 300-plus executives, 95% believe that AI will play an important role in their responsibilities in the near-future.
In a Forbes Insights survey, less than a third of marketing executives said they consider AI fully deployed in their businesses. That said, here are some areas where AI is showing promise, from making it easier for travelers to book hotel rooms to matching movies with eager viewers.

For example, in lipstick ads we found that lip brushes retain viewers better than lip pencils. In beauty ads on average, brown and black haired women held viewers better than blonde. In the obvious category we found that models and supermodels are effective. This begged the question: To a machine, what is the difference between a model and supermodel? When we asked the best beauty brands in the world and they speculated on facial symmetry, or perhaps lighting.The answer is simpler than most people think: Wind in her hair. That’s right, just turn on a fan and you can go from model to supermodel. That insight took less than 10 minutes to find.

It is still in its early days, but in the coming months and years, the best marketers and advertisers won’t just be generating insight, they’ll be generating insight faster with AI. Which means marketers can test and iterate faster as well. In order to do that, advertisers and agencies need to plan for multiple versions of creative early in the campaign and set aside budget and time for side-by-side testing3; that way, brands can benefit from the insights AI can produce even faster.

Ben Royce

Head of Performance Data Science Google

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